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I guess speech isn’t that free in the US anymore -…

August 22nd, 2002 · No Comments

I guess speech isn’t that free in the US anymore - my favorite afternoon radio show “Opie & Anthony” has just been cancelled. Doesn’t this “Catholic League” have better things to do, like make sure that child-molesting priests get put behind bars? There’s even an article about this incident from as far as Manila.

The thing that really sucks about them being sacked is that they weren’t going against FCC (the body that mandates radio and TV) rules… it’s not much worse than say, a regular Howard Stern show (although Opie and Anthony can really get raunchy sometimes). They were just singled out by this Catholic group because the listeners of their show were doing a sex stunt in St. Patrick’s cathedral. Granted, they have all rights to get angry for having/simulating sex inside the church. As a Catholic, that act angers me as well (although you have to admit that it’s kinda funny). The problem is that O&A really didn’t put a gun to these people’s heads to do the deed, did they? So why single them out for punishment? At the most, they should have just been fined a few thousand dollars. Unfortunately, the heads of these stupid radio stations have balls of mush and would rather side with public opinion rather than free speech. After all, O&A is just plain entertainment. If you don’t want to listen to them, turn the damn radio off.

Afternoon radio will never be the same.

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