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I found out a couple of weeks ago that my dad need…

August 13th, 2002 · No Comments

I found out a couple of weeks ago that my dad needs to undergo surgery for some blood clots found in his eyes. This is one of result of being a diabetic for about 20+ years. Although the procedure is relatively simple, it reminds me that my parents are getting older. It scares me a bit because our medical family history has what I’d call “a little bit of everything”. On my dad’s side, there’s diabetes. On my mom’s side, there’s also some of the big D and a history of heart ailments. Not too good, huh?

It also alarms me because about a couple of years ago, I was also diagnosed as being a type II diabetic. Aileen calls me a “borderline” diabetic, mainly because my blood sugar never really goes to alarming levels. The US Health Dept calls it “pre-diabetes”. My long-term blood sugar count is only very slightly above normal. But knowing it’s there and knowing that I can’t get rid of it scares me sometimes, especially when I read that diabetes is the number one cause for heart failure. And if I don’t control it by watching my diet and doing exercise (which I’ve not been doing regularly lately), it can easily get worse. The problem is that I love food - and I know I’ll be miserable if I don’t eat the kind of food I like. So I try to limit my intake of my favorite foods. No “super-sized” fries, no regular softdrinks, eating less rice. Probably the worst thing is I can only drink 2 or 3 beers during drinking sessions (but I stop counting after the 2nd anyway). These are some of the things that I have to consciously think about whenever I eat. I guess it’s better than having my kidneys fail. It’s good that my wife is a doctor, and one who nags me about all this every now and then as well.

I took my drug test for the bank I’m applying for today. It’s good that no blood was drawn since I hate being stuck by a needle. Since I don’t do drugs anyway, I’m not really bothered by this tests and know it’s just a formality, but are these things really necessary?

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