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May 2nd, 2011 by The Elf · No Comments

Just an update on this very neglected website… we finally got with it and joined Facebook. All our updates (photos, videos, and posts) are now done there. If you haven’t yet, please add me as your friend (as long as I do know you).

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Owww!!! I think I broke something!!!

June 25th, 2010 by BookBunny88 · No Comments

Yep! The rumors are true I broke my fore arm.Yesterday, you see I was running on the track at woodcreek althletic club and I tripped and fell down REAALLLLLLY hard. It hurt ssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad I thought I was going to die, but obviously I’m alive or else I wouldn’t be blogging this blog…….. right?




The girl with the broken fore arm,


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June 4th, 2010 by BookBunny88 · No Comments

My last day of school was yesterday!!!! I’m kinda sad but no more waking up early!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

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My Bro’s Pooped………………… Literally.

June 4th, 2010 by BookBunny88 · No Comments

WE are STILL potty training my bro. and so far he’s not doing well as he used to. he used to be dry in his pull ups and now he is wet and and gets mad when he has to go to his potty. he has peed in his chair twice while we were eating.BOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!! AND BLECHHHH!!!!!!

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My Time @ Spring Creek BBQ!

June 4th, 2010 by BookBunny88 · No Comments

Hi! again. Here is the latest funniest and annoyingest thing this week….. it was a Monday and we were at Spring Creek BBQ my brother was runing around screaming and screaming…… it made me feel so embarrassed( that was the annoying part) and a few munches later Mom said” Their ceiling is nice” ( There were 2 ceilings and Dad was facing the ugly ceiling and Mm and I were facing the pretty ceiling…… then dad said ” Yeah I guess there are nice” I noticed Dad was looking at the other ceiling and said” Dad, not that ceiling the other ceiling” and I pointed to the pretty ceiling!!!! HA HA HA  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Washing the dishes!!!!!!!! Whew!

May 30th, 2010 by BookBunny88 · No Comments

Whew!! I just finished 3/4 of the dishes and I’m only 10! Here is my flash-back we were eating dinner and my brother shouted “I need to pee” and then my Dad said “Okay, go to your potty!” then my bro ran to his potty leaving a trail of pee (eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!) and then my Dad turned on the lights and took off my brother’s pants, but his pants were wet!! So, my Dad asked Bro ” did you pee in your pants?” and he was quiet, then he asked my Mom the same question and my Mom looked at his chair and said yes!! And then Dad got all mad at my brother and the asked me to clean it and I was like NO!!!!! Then he said” Fine I’ll clean this up and you do the dishes” I was like SURE!!!!! then that’s the story… I did Not do the POTS AND PANS that is why I only did 3/4 of it…………. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good, gross, and weird story,huh….

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May 25th, 2010 by BookBunny88 · 2 Comments

 Today I am sick I went to school but went back somewherelse called the Doc.’s office…………………… and staying here for the rest of the day. :( That’s it reallllly.oops! Really, is what I ment to say.


Sickly from me,


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Pest Alert!!!!! :(

May 13th, 2010 by BookBunny88 · No Comments

Uh Oh! Here comes summer! All the fun and stuff is good, but what about the bugs? Use OFF the MOST effecient bug spray in the WORLD…….. CUT!!!!!……….. I’m not a commercial actor. I’m a blogger.But It’s true summer is coming, so buy one now before the pesky mosquitos get you!!!! TAKE 5! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m to late sumer has come to early!!!! I need OFF!!!! Go away BUGGIES!!!!!!!

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SORRY!!!!! :(

May 2nd, 2010 by BookBunny88 · No Comments

I am so, so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so sorry for not blogging for a long time i just don’t have a lot  time these days. Anyways, everything is going okay. The only thing that’s weird is were potty training someone………….. and school, work, after school activities. OH! and last week was TAKS then that’s pretty much it .

yours truly,


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November 17th, 2009 by BookBunny88 · 1 Comment

Well, sorry I haven’t talked or typed you in a while….. UMMMMM? Anyways, the last time I typed or whatever I forgot to tell you whats gonna happen….. drum roll and trumpet playing………. I’m going to tell what’s going on in the Francisco household and that is mainly it, but be prepared… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace!!!!!!!! :),


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